Abbey Road Studios

The most famous recording studio in the world.

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Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studio in the world. Popular bands and artists like The Beatles, Adele, Stevie Wonder and many more have recorded in this studio.

I was the lead designer in this project creating every design for the public site. The goal of this large project was to redesign the old Abbey Road Studios website and create an easy to navigate single home for all Abby Road brands (studios, institute, RED, store, crossing cam).

Project work also included making it easier to purchase and manage services like online mixing, mastering and create a checkout process for the Abbey Road digital store. The project extended to also designing Abbey Road Studios emails (promotional, welcome and purchase confirmation emails) and also designing an online song competition to promote Abbey Road Studios online mixing and mastering services.




Jan 2015 - Aug 2015


  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping


With the Abbey Road Studios team, I started to identify content from the old website they wanted to keep and the ones they wanted to remove.

In order to understand what to keep and what to disregard, we created 3 personas who represent existing or future Abbey Road customers. We created a user journey for each one of them to make sure their path was thought through and clear.



  • Blend information and internal ads into the experience of customers browsing the website
  • Tell the story of each individual studio (Studio One, Studio Two etc)
  • Create a better user experience for emerging and hobbyist musicians to purchase online products and services
  • Create a new RED incubator program section for music technology start-ups and researchers.
  • 300k people visit the famous crosswalk outside of the studio where The Beatles album “Abbey Road” cover was shot. Notify and guide people to visit the new souvenir store from the website’s crossing cam page. Integrate crossing cam’s old technology into the new designs.

Old site

Old site’s design had become outdated with the yellow color, old logo, and content layout.

Abbey Road Studios old website


Based on the user journeys of each persona I led the creation and organization of the sitemap with all the pages that needed to be designed and information that needed to be showcased.

This sitemap was created by collaborating with the CEO and the head of marketing of Abbey Road Studios and was kept up to date while working on the project.


Typography & color theme

Abbey Road had just hired a design agency to redesign their logo. I used their style guide and created my own elements inspired to design the website, ads and custom emails.

Typography & colour theme

Interaction design

I created the following high fidelity user flows to communicate the new web design to the outsourced development agency.

Click here to view large image.

Interaction design

High fidelity mockups

Visual design goals were to keep app looking simple and easy to edit the colours and typography in order to allow the outsourced design company to add the finishing touch.

Home page Confirm order Audio products

High fidelity prototype

I created a high fidelity prototype in order to allow the Abbey Road Studios team to experience the website before it went into production. This was delivered to the outsourced development agency with the high fidelity mockups so they could start development.

High fidelity prototype

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