Maret Idris

Hi, I am Maret!

  • I have 6+ years of product design experience
  • I founded 2 startups. One of them got funded in US which is how I moved to Silicon Valley from Ireland

Things I do

  • Visual design using Sketch and Photoshop
  • Interaction design using Sketch
  • Prototyping using code (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, npm, Webstorm)
  • Prototyping using tools (InVision, Sketch)
  • User research
  • Ideation and wireframing
  • Design sprints
  • Mobile and web design for apps and websites

About this site

I created the designs in Sketch and implemented them myself using Webstorm. Some of the highlights include:

  • This website is responsive. I used CSS Flexbox and media queries with JavaScript to make it look good across a wide range of screen sizes
  • I used CSS animations to make the site more enjoyable
  • I tested this site on a variety of phones and multiple browsers to ensure the design looks and interacts like it was intended